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LFP Lithium Ion Vs Lead-Acid

By Lynac Lithium / 20 August 2021

This is a topic that most people are asking, why should I make the switch to Lithium batteries when Lead-Acid are way cheaper? This is true Lead-Acid Batteries are cheaper than Lithium, but you are paying for what your getting, Lithium batteries have 10X the life span of their Lead-Acid counterparts, as well as, 4X … Read more

Introduction to Lynac Lithium

By Lynac Lithium / 15 July 2021

Hi. I’m H2 section title Lynac Lithium was established 4 years ago here in Thunder Bay Ontario, the push to establish this company was to give Canadians a cost-effective way to utilize affordable leading-edge lithium battery technology. Canadians now have an affordable option that brings the true value of LFP technology. At Lynac we strive … Read more