QuietTorque™ 20.0 Electric Motor


The QuietTorque™ 20.0 is recommended for boats up to 42’ (LOA) and 22,000lbs displacement. Typically replaces diesel engines in the 25hp to 40hp range.  Typical battery size is 300 – 500Ah.


Motor type: 2 PMAC* Brushless
Voltage: 48 Vdc
Current: 400 Adc
Max power input: 20.0 kW
Weight: 135 pounds
Frame: Anodized Aluminum
*Permanent magnet Alternating Current

Standard Features

Motor Mounts- Adjustable Mounts to current engine stringers

Throttle- Anodized Al waterproof throttle with key & neutral lock

System Monitor- Programmable digital display

  • State of Charge (SOC)
  • Voltage, Current and Power
  • Programmable for flooded, AGM and Li-ion battery type and size

Shaft Coupler- 4″ flange coupler (Hurth/Borg Warner)

Power Switch- Blue Sea two position switch

Relay- 500amp vacuum relay

Fuse- 400A Class-T fuse & holder

Motor Datasheet


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