LFP-X20HL Moto-Sport Series


Our 12.8V 7Ah Moto-Sport battery is the perfect upgrade from the old AGM. Simply drop in and go, with this Lightweight, High-Performance, Long-Lasting LFP Battery.
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These drop in replacement batteries are the perfect upgrade to any AGM equivalent. With Race Quality, take full advantage of these Long-Lasting, Light-weight, High-Performance LFP batteries for any PowerSport Vehicle. (ATV, Motorcycle, Sea-Doo or UTV)

If each Lynac Lithium Technology battery product does not sufficiently meet the outlined performance specifications, a full refund is to be given once the product is returned, inspected, and proven faulty.
Seller assumes a 3-year manufacturer's warranty followed by a 4 year prorated warranty totalling 7 years.
Each product must be registered and proven to be used and maintained according to the recommended operational and maintenance parameters that are to be agreed upon at the time of installation.

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Battery Spec's

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Product Model: LFP-X20HL Moto-Sport Series
Rated Capacity: 7Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Cycle Life: 2000 @ 0.2C (100% DOD), 6000 @ 0.2C (80% DOD), 10000 @ 0.2C (50% DOD)
Dimensions: 6.89” x 5.11” x 3.42” (175 × 130 × 87mm)
Weight: 2.71lbs (1.23kg)
Battery Management System: Charge balancing. Protection for excess current voltage, short circuits.
Charging Method: Constant Current - Constant Voltage (CC - CV): (0.2C to 14.4Vdc) - (14.4Vdc to 0.01C)
Voltage Limits: Charge: 14.6Vdc, Discharge: 10Vdc
Current Limits: Charge: 7Adc, Discharge: 7Adc continuous
Temperature Limits: Charge 0 ~ 45°C, Discharge -20 ~ 55°C, Storage -20 ~ 55°C
Terminal Connector: Nut and Bolt (T3) Terminal
Ingress Protection: IP65

The Lynac Advantage

Certified Grade A Cells

The highest grade cells give our LFP batteries the quality and performance that you would expect from your LFP battery leader.

Oversized BMS

Oversized Battery Management System (BMS) puts our LFP batteries above and beyond the standard, producing peak power output at maximum efficiency will ensure the highest performance and longest cycle life.

Designed in North America

Lynac Lithium is based in North America where we push the limits of battery innovation by designing and building quality products with your feedback!

Battery FAQ



Battery was designed to withstand splash damage and/or brief water submersion.



Battery offers half the weight of its lead-acid counterpart.


Shock Resistant

Battery is vibration tested and designed with solid casing to help withstand shock damage.

Have more questions? Get in touch with us and we will answer you ASAP!

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