Advantages of Converting your Golf Cart to Lithium Power

Switching to Lithium Power

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Weight Savings

Lynac Lithium LFP batteries offer significant weight savings compared to any AGM battery counterpart.
These weight savings will significantly increase your cart's overall performance, range, and acceleration.

The comparison image shows how just one of our batteries saves at least 375lbs!!!!

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Life Cycle

Our batteries are built to last, delivering 6000 Cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge with a 10+ year lifespan. Forget about buying a new power supply for your cart.

Charge Efficiency

With up to 6x faster charging, our LFP batteries offer 2x the Charge Efficiency compared to AGM batteries.

The image shows our 36V 50Ah Peak Series battery at 50% and the charge time would roughly take 2 hours!

Fast Charging

Ease of Ownership

With Lynac you will no longer need to hassle with 6 to 8 different batteries, instead, you will only need 1-2 batteries that are maintenance-free! This means NO TRICKLE CHARGING or TOP-UPS.

For winter storage we recommend leaving it in a heated space but if the cart won't be used until next season simply disconnect and leave it in the cart!

Bluetooth Monitoring

Lynac Lithium batteries offer Bluetooth monitoring options through our Lynac Intel App!

With our easy-to-use app, you can monitor; Voltage, Current, Temperature, and State of Charge.

Battery Monitoring Options

What Customers have to say after upgrading

"Just an update on the lithium pack we put together for my Golf Cart, less than a year ago. Gone through 54 charging cycles without any performance issues.  I am able to play 27 holes in sequence on a hilly course without any problem.  The most common comments I get are – Did you get your cart lifted?  The weight difference between the Lynac batteries and the 6 Trojans is about 300 pounds!"

Rick Weidel

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