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What is True Series?

Our True Series Batteries offer exactly 100Ah of true usable power which is 20% more Ah than any other 100Ah battery on the market. In other words, our 25.6V 100Ah (2560Wh) battery is rated for 25.6V 120Ah (3072Wh). Roughly 20% of the power stored in Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries is unusable and irreversible damage can occur when discharging LFP into this bottom range. For this reason, we have designed all our batteries to shut down before this low power threshold is crossed while still ensuring you get to use all your power. We are so dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality deal on the market that even though our 25.6V 100Ah is technically a 120Ah, we still price it more competitively than competitors 100Ah version.

What can a 25.6V 100Ah battery be used for?

Lynac Lithium’s 25.6V 100Ah – True Series battery is most popularly used as an extremely efficient and reliable solar energy storage energy solution for Off-Grid and Backup Power applications. Fishing boats greatly benefit from the lightweight, compact size and 2x energy output when powering 24V electric trolling motors. For RVs, campers, yachts, or sailboats, use as a 24V auxiliary or house battery is a no-brainer for all the same reasons. Plus, add extra safety with zero maintenance, no risk of spillage or gassing and a super long life - these batteries pay themselves off in a hurry. Need extra power? Simply add more batteries in parallel to increase the overall Ah storage and power output capability for a truly scalable solution.

25.6V 100Ah TrueSeries-BH LFP battery

What is our Bluetooth Option?

With our Bluetooth monitoring option, you will be able to directly access the battery BMS via our Lynac Intel Plus App. This offers powerful, precise monitoring details in real time - State of Charge (SOC), charge percentage, charge and discharge rates, temperature, cycles, and Power usage, etc. We also give you the ability to diagnose problems with error tracking and battery status data and allow you directly to adjust battery protection settings. You can even toggle charging and discharging ON/OFF through the App to help eliminate over charging scenarios or phantom draws from draining your battery

What is our Heating Option?

Lynac’s dynamic battery heating option is designed optimize cold temperature charging and protect your battery. LFP batteries can safely be discharged in Temperatures down to -20 Celsius but should not be charged below 0 Celsius. Our battery heating system will engage when connected to a charging source and the internal battery Temp falls below 3 Celsius. The heating system will then draw energy from the charger and heat the battery until it is above 3 Celsius. Safe charging will resume, and heating will stop once 5 Celsius is reached. No need to worry about the heating system when the batteries are in storage.  Heating setpoints can be adjusted in our Lynac Intel Plus App.

What does the Lynac Intel Plus App offer?

Our App offers full monitoring of our batteries, once connected you can view Voltage, Current, Power, Cycles, Charge Time, Remaining Ah, Battery Temperature, Status of Charging Discharging and Balancing, State of Charge, Each Individual Cell Status, Low Voltage, High Voltage, and Charge Current.
The app also allows BMS adjustments like battery Heating on and off temperature points, Turn Charging on and off, Turn Discharging on and off, and custom naming of each connected product.
This app gives our customers the power of convince, by making it easy to navigate, monitor, and adjust there will be no frustration or confusion simply connect to the Lynac product and have the power of the battery in your hands.

Charging a 25.6V 100Ah Battery


How to charge a 25.6V 100Ah Battery

Charging 24V batteries is made simple with our ELITE 24V 20A Sealed Onboard Charger (Single Bank). It exhibits an optimally matched, 4-stage charging profile to help optimize 8 series LFP battery performance and lifecycle.
Simply attach the positive and negative wires to the positive and negative battery terminals then plug the charger into an AC outlet and you’re good to go!
Our batteries are compatible with most 24V LFP, AGM and Gel chargers.

how to charge a 24v battery parallel

How to charge multiple 24V batteries in parallel

By connecting 2 x 25.6V 100Ah – True Series batteries in parallel, you will effectively double the power output and overall storage capacity. This new battery bank will act as 25.6V 200Ah and can simply be charged using our ELITE 24V 20A - Sealed OnBoard LFP Battery Charger connected across either battery.

Connect each battery terminal ‘Positive to Positive’ and ‘Negative to Negative’ then attached the charger. See attached diagram.

Note: Try to ensure each battery is within 0.5V before connecting in parallel. They may need an hour to transfer power and balance, depending on the state of charge differences.

What makes our 25.6V 100Ah True Series Battery Different from competitors?

Our 25.6V 100Ah – True Series battery is the most powerful LiFePO4 24V 120Ah battery on the market with over 3000Wh power, oversized-premium BMS and certified grade A cells we bring quality and supreme performance to you. Inspired by our customers' feedback and designed and brought to life by us, here, in North America. Free shipping across mainland Canada and USA because we can.

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