Why Lynac Lithium

Lithium Battery Specs

Advantages of Lithium Power

Life Cycle

LiFePO4 battery technology can cycle 5X longer than even the best lead battery. Our batteries last 3200 - 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) or less. 2000 cycles to 100% DOD.


Maintenance Free

LiFePO4 batteries are truly labor-free once installed and do not suffer any cycle memory effect. They prefer to rest in a partially charged state, and with a very low self-discharge rate, you can simply leave them alone! No equalization, topping up or maintenance charging is required.

Super Charging

With near perfect charge absorption efficiency, and only two required charging stages - LiFePO4 can be charged optimally, even at very high rates. Maximize renewable energy storage intake.


Four times the energy density of existing deep cycle batteries, as well as, half the weight and size!

Extremely Efficient

Besides being compact and powerful, LiFePO4 will maintain a higher constant output Voltage, even at high discharge rates. Your equipment will benefit from smooth long-lasting power. Performance is largely unaffected by Temperature and Power swings.
They can also be used in any orientation with zero performance issues.


LiFePO4 cells are inherently non-combustible, chemically inert, and thermally stable. Other lithium chemistries have gained a reputation for overheating which increases the risk of fire and explosion.

What makes our LFP batteries superior?

Certified Grade A Cells

The highest grade cells give our LFP batteries the quality and performance that you would expect from your LFP battery leader.

Oversized BMS

Oversized Battery Management System (BMS) puts our LFP batteries above and beyond the standard, producing peak power output at maximum efficiency will ensure the highest performance and longest cycle life.

Designed in North America

Lynac Lithium is based in North America where we push the limits of battery innovation by designing and building true quality products with your feedback!

Our LFP Batteries


Our true usable power rating system. Unique to Lynac Lithium, "True Series" describes the amount of Real Usable Energy you can depend on, based on a safe 80% Depth of Discharge. If it says 200Ah, you get 200Ah!


Power your world with Lynac’s flexible home energy storage solution.
Adjustable battery control and monitoring capability paired with long cycle life, wall mounting options and simple system integration make it the choice for off-grid or backup applications.


Lightweight engine cranking power with up to 1800A peak discharge and 1200CCA equivalence.  Crank Series can charge directly from an Alternator.


Welcome to the pinnacle of Power output for LFP Smart batteries. The Peak
Series is engineered to bring you a compact, drop-in ready boost for Electric
Boats - Golf Carts - Trolling Motors. Our high output BMS comes loaded with
all the latest monitoring and protection features that will not be beaten.

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See what customers have to say!

Jeff Wilson

- Jeff Wilson

Over this last year, I have continuously pushed my equipment to the limits! Fishing both the Mighty St.John river for smallmouth and the Miramichi River for Striped bass. Both rivers seeing many days with 4-5  mile an hour currents. It was a surprising pleasure when I realized I had no loss of power for my Gramin force trolling motor because of my Lynac lithium batteries! Spot lock in heavy current for 7 hours – no issues at all. I watch my competition dragging anchors as they tried to stay on fish.

Thank you Lynac ! I can’t recommend these enough – Game changer

Golf Cart Build Testimonial

- Rick Weidel

Just an update on the lithium pack we put together for my Golf Cart, less than a year ago. Gone through 54 charging cycles without any performance issues.  I am able to play 27 holes in sequence on a hilly course without any problem.  The most common comments I get are – Did you get your cart lifted?  The weight difference between the Lynac batteries and the 6 Trojans is about 300 pounds!