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We are North America's LFP Innovator, providing quality, long-lasting, high performance lithium ion batteries, chargers and solar solutions!
Our goal is to make sure our customers get the best products we can offer, to do this, we use Certified Grade A Cells, Premium BMS's and take feedback from our customers and use it to innovate new or modified products.

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"Over this last year, I have continuously pushed my equipment to the limits! Fishing both the Mighty St.John river for smallmouth and the Miramichi River for Striped bass. Both rivers seeing many days with 4-5  mile an hour currents. It was a surprising pleasure when I realized I had no loss of power for my Gramin force trolling motor because of my Lynac lithium batteries! Spot lock in heavy current for 7 hours – no issues at all. I watch my competition dragging anchors as they tried to stay on fish.
Thank you Lynac ! I can’t recommend these enough – Game changer"
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Jeff Wilson 

"Just an update on the lithium pack we put together for my Golf Cart, less than a year ago. Gone through 54 charging cycles without any performance issues.  I am able to play 27 holes in sequence on a hilly course without any problem.  The most common comments I get are – Did you get your cart lifted?  The weight difference between the Lynac batteries and the 6 Trojans is about 300 pounds!" See More

Rick Weidel

"Purchased 3 of your 100Ah True Series batteries for my 5th wheel in the spring. I have them hooked up in parallel along with 620W of solar and a 3000W inverter. Camped on and off-grid this summer. Went over a week a couple of times, once with little solar due to tree coverage. Batteries exceeded my expectations. No issues with them at all and they provided all the power we needed. I can even run our RV fridge on electric on travel days which is safer than propane." See More

Ryan Klassen

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